Business Leeds - What's Good for Leeds is Good for the Country

Leeds is the focal point for the development of the creative industries in Yorkshire and the Humber region. Its main job is to raise the profile of creativity in this region and, in turn, contributed to the development of the region as a place where creative people can live, work and prosper.

Fair Leeds draws upon the combined strengths of Yorkshire Forward, Arts Council England, Yorkshire and the University of Leeds as the nucleus of a wider network of businesses, sub-regional agencies, development companies and local authorities to co-ordinate the development of the sector in the region.


Information from Yorkshire's activities over the last five years are now included on the Yorkshire Cultural Observatory website so that they can continue to be accessed alongside other information on the cultural and creative sector.



West Yorkshire Snap Shot

A city of many trades, Leeds produces not only clothing and wool textiles, but also furniture and leather goods. It is a centre for printing, engineering and concrete manufacture. Leeds is said to contain the oldest railway line in the world, instituted in 1758 to take coal to the River Aire from mines at Middleton. At first its trucks were pulled by horses, then in 1812, the horses were replaced by two steam locomotives designed by Matthew Murray to use the Blenkinsop rack-rail system. Murray, a brilliant and many-sided engineer and inventor, to whom Leeds as an engineering centre owes an incalculable debt, is commemorated by an obelisk in St. Matthew's Church, Holbeck. A rather more lively memorial is a comprehensive school bearing his name.